About Dr. A

About Dr.A

Laguna Woods Podiatry Group Laguna Hills, CA

Dr. Neda Arjomandi is a Podiatrist in Laguna woods with more than 12 years of experience in foot and ankle medicine and surgery,

Her Bachelor's degree is in Nursing from Iran. She attended Georgetown University in Washington DC to get a Master's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a particular focus on Biotechnology. From there she pursued her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA graduating in 2009. Dr. Arjomandi completed 3 years of surgical residency at Kennedy Hospital ( University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey). After completing her training she moved to Northern Virginia and was one of the attendings at Inova Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia along with practicing podiatry in private practice for 2 years. She moved to southern California in 2014 and started working in Loma Linda and Corona area before opening her practice in Laguna Hills.

Dr. Arjomandi is board certified in the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and she is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and California Podiatric Medicine Association. 

Why Choose Us?

  1. Specialized Treatment

    Laguna Woods Podiatry Group, is committed to the health of your feet. Our practice focuses on Diabetic Foot Exam, Orthotics, Bunions, Hammertoes, Heal Pain, Plantar fasciitis, Children's Feet, Wound Care and Ulcers, Foot Fractures, Flat Feet, Ankle Sprain, Gout, Infections, Athlete's Foot, Injuries, Sports Injuries, Soft Tissue Masses, Ganglion Cyst,  Achilles Tendonitis, Ultrasound Therapy for Pain, Neuroma, Laser Nail Fungus Treatment, KeryFlex Nail Restoration, Warts, Corns & Callouses, and Ingrown Toenails.
  2. Affordable Podiatric Foot Treatment

    With more than 12 years of medical and surgical experience, Dr. Arjomandi offers affordable medical and extensive surgical experience for all common foot problems.
  3. Same Facility

    Our Practice has been in the same state-of-the-art facility in Laguna Hills for more than 30 years. We offer the highest quality podiatry care available, and welcome all patients as if they were family.

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