Great doctor. knows his stuff. doesn't sell surgery. expensive, but worth the money.


    Dr. Greenberg is really funny! He made me feel more relaxed and less tense during my appointments. I was referred by a friend to get custom orthotics for my arches. the orthotics were very affordable and feel great!


    I have been going to Dr. Greenberg for several years now for treatment on my Neuroma. I am excited to say; that without having surgery and from the help of Dr. Greenberg's expertise we were able to treat my Neuroma by shot injections on the top of my foot. Although, that sounds very painful; Dr. Greenberg was able to make me feel comfortable and talked me through every step of the way. He was very patient and quick with the shots to where I barely felt anything. I would HIGHLY recommend him


    Several years ago Dr. Greenberg removed a neuroma from my left foot. Here I am 15 years (+/-) later and my foot feels fine. I have since moved to Idaho and wish that Dr. Greenberg were here so that I could have my right foot treated. Bottom line is that in my opinion there is no one better

    William F Krasho

    Dr. Jody Greenberg is a pleasure. He listened to my foot problem, asked questions and examined my pain area. He knew immediately what was needed to fix my hurting toes. His attention helped the problem go completely away. I definitely recommend Dr. Greenberg.

    Pat Seely

    The Laguna Woods Podiatry clinic has a nice, professional staff and the office is very welcoming! The staff does a good job of hearing what my needs are when I make an appointment and when I go in Dr. Greenberg knows exactly what needs to be done. He is very thorough and always helps my feet feel better!


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